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LLC IRO “Spitamen Insurance” offers a wide range of insurance programs for individuals.


Insurance of civil motor vehicles, which allows to cover all expenses for car repairs, depending on the chosen insurance tariff. CASCO from “Spitamen Insurance” is a unique car insurance product on the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan, which has the following advantages in the event of an insured event:

1. The participation of the traffic police is not required;
2. There is no limit on requests;
3. After the provision of all repair checks, payment is made within 59 minutes;
4. Free tow truck service;
5. Payment up to 150 somons for expenses in Taxi services.


This type of insurance aims to provide insurance protection for citizens while they are abroad, outside the country of permanent residence. It is a comprehensive type of insurance, including elements of personal, property and liability insurance.

In addition to insurance of medical expenses abroad, this type of insurance may include accident insurance, luggage insurance, civil liability insurance in the country of residence, and some others.


Mobile equipment insurance is the newest type of microinsurance, which has no analogues in the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan.

The low price and ease of issuing a policy and an insurance contract allow our clients to get access to modern insurance services, without burdening the budget.


It doesn’t matter if you own or rent his, unforeseen circumstances (for example, damage or loss) associated with housing, home or flat, usually inflict the largest financial and emotional damage.

Real estate insurance will provide its owner financial support in case of flooding, fire, burglary and other unforeseen circumstances


Voluntary life and health insurance programs against accidents include all the main risks that occurred as a result of an accident: death, disability, bodily injury.
There are also additional risks: surgery, hospitalization, temporary impairment of health as a result of infection.

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