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Corporate insurance in LLC IRO “Spitamen Insurance” has a number of advantages, such as: ease of contract execution, flexible tariff rates, discounts for contract renewal and guaranteed payments in case of insured events.

Transport insurance

The owner’s vehicle and civil liability insurance allows to compensate for almost all unforeseen expenses that may arise in connection with the operation of the vehicle – from losses due to theft to the cost of repairing or purchasing a new vehicle as a result of an accident or other event provided for by the insurance contract.

Liability Insurance

Any activity of institutions is associated with the risk of harm to life, health or property of third parties. Liability insurance is one of the most reliable ways to protect the interests of corporate clients related to the obligation to compensate for damage caused to third parties. 

If, through the fault of your enterprise, someone else’s property was damaged or health was undermined, your obligations to restore the damage will be reimbursed by the insurance company under the civil liability policy.

Cargo insurance

This type of insurance allows the company to compensate for losses incurred in the process of transporting goods by any mode of transport. A cargo insurance policy can provide coverage for a warehouse-to-warehouse transportation period. The insurance contract of Spitamen Insurance is concluded on the basis of rules developed taking into account the established world practice of the insurance market. 

For overseas shipments, conditions similar to those of the Institute of London Underwriters for liability categories (A), (B), (C) apply.

Health insurance

A health insurance policy provides a real opportunity to receive a wide range of quality medical services free of charge. The policy from Spitamen Insurance covers the best private and public hospitals and clinics in the Republic of Tajikistan.

At the same time, you can get access to exclusive additional services that raise the quality of service under the VHI policy to the highest level.

Property insurance

A special type of insurance of property interests of corporate clients in cases of sudden destruction, damage and loss of property, upon the occurrence of insured events stipulated by the contract.

Business risk insurance

Business risk insurance is a set of types of insurance that provide for the obligations of the insurer to pay insurance compensation (within the sum insured).

The insured may be compensated for: material, monetary and other resources, business results, losses, loss of income and additional expenses.

Accident insurance

Accident insurance for employees of corporate clients today is an element of competent financial planning that creates an undeniable advantage over competitors in the field of personnel policy. 

Employee insurance is an effective tool for attracting new employees, a motivating factor for retaining staff, a tool for motivating career growth and a factor in improving the quality of work and increasing staff loyalty and the image of the institution.

Insurance of construction and installation works

Modern construction is characterized by growing requirements for the quality and timing of construction and installation works. Because of this, any accident at construction sites, as a rule, leads to significant financial losses. The CIW insurance policy makes it possible in the event of an accident to quickly and efficiently restore work due to compensation by the insurer for damage.

Also, the policy allows you to additionally cover the damage caused by construction and installation works to the property and health of third parties.

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